CMar Consulting, LLC staff has over 15 years of experience with coastal, marine and inland water resources data consolidation, analysis and reporting using geographic information systems (GIS). During the past 11 years, our staff supported coastal and water resources engineering and environmental teams with GIS solutions for engineering, resource management and environmental permitting; prepared materials for public workshops and participatory GIS; created FGDC and currently ISO 19115 format metadata for projects; trained government staff, and prepared and designed and developed GIS applications.
ESRI ArcGIS Desktop 10.2 and 3D Analyst software products support the GIS services of the company.
Past and current project work includes:
  • Planning for waterways, ports and harbors
  • Shoaling and dredging area identification and characterization, shoaling and dredging volume quantification, dredge material management
  • Geotechnical, elevation, and bathymetric survey data consolidation and analysis
  • Elevation, bathymetric survey and sand source data management and quantification for beach construction
  • Coastal uses and structures inventory and characterization
  • Natural resources inventory, habitat characterization and spatial analysis
  • Artificial reef site and deployment location, placement, and characterization
  • Hydrologic, meteorological, and water quality data consolidation, QA/QC, and geospatial statistical analysis
  • Geostatistical analysis of hydrological data
Specific areas of work include but are not limited to: 
  • Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning
    • Environmental Resources
    • Habitat Mapping, Monitoring, and Management
    • Coastal and Marine Uses
    • Coastal and Marine Infrastructure
  • Watershed and Coastal Development
  • Socio-Economic Characterization & Trend Analysis
  • Waterway Planning and Management
    • Channel Location and Characterization
    • Hydrographic Survey Data Analysis
    • Data Consolidation and Analysis
    • Shoaling and Dredge Areas Characterization
    • Shoaling and Dredge Areas Volume Calculations
    • Dredging Record Organization
  • Land Use/Land Cover Change Analysis
  • Participatory GIS Support
  • Natural Hazards Risk Assessment
  • Sea Level Rise
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Hydrological Network Optimization
    • Data Consolidation, QA/QC and Analysis with State and Local Government Databases (SFWMD DBHYDRO, FDEP & EPA STORET)
    • Statistical and Geostatistical Data Analysis
    • Monitoring Gage Gap Analysis
    • Monitoring Gage Redundancy Analysis


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