CMar Consulting, LLC staff has over 15 years of experience with environmental data consolidation, management, analysis and reporting. During the past 10 years our staff prepared environmental and feasibility studies for water related projects, environmental and navigation signage permit applications, water and sediment quality reports, environmental impact assessments, and other environmental planning and scientific documentation. Study areas included:
Environmental Planning and Management
  • Federal Environmental Documentation
    • Environmental Information Document
    • Environmental Assessments
    • Environmental Impact Statements
  • Environmental Resources Management
    • Environmental Resources Characterization
    • Biological Monitoring Plans 
  • Socio-Economic Characterizations
  • Waterway Planning and Management
    • Channel Location and Characterization
    • Hydrographic Survey Data Analysis
    • Data Consolidation and Analysis
    • Shoaling and Dredge Area Characterization and Volume Calculation
    • Easements and right-ways
    • Dredge Material Management Areas
    • Dredging Record Organization
Environmental Studies
  • Water Quality and Pollutant Loads Evaluations
    • Watershed and Basin Characterization
    • Trend Analysis
    • Statistical Analysis
    • Pollutant Loads to Waters
    • Reporting 
  • Sediment Sources, Quality, and Loads Evaluations
    • Watershed and Basin Characterization
    • Trend Analysis
    • Statistical Analysis
    • Sediment Loads to Waters   
    • Reporting
Environmental Permitting
CMar Consulting, LLC staff has successfully permitted over 20 environmental permits, coordinated with permitting agencies the preparation of permit applications, modifications, renewals, monitoring and compliance, and performed construction administration for one beach restoration project. Permit types and projects include:
  •  Federal, State, and Local Permits 
    • Research / Preparation / Submittal of Local, State, and Federal New Permit Applications, Modifications, Transfers and Extensions
      • Environmental Resource Permits
      • Joint Coastal Permits
      • Coastal Construction Control Line Permits
      • Dredge and Fill Permits
      • USCG and FWC Navigation Aids and Information Signs Permits 
    • Pre-Application and Pre-Construction Meetings
    • Permitting Agency and Client Coordination
    • Coordination with Engineering, Surveyors, Geotechnical, Environmental and Biological Monitoring, Archeological and Historical, Planners, Architect Firms
    • Permits for:
      • Artificial Reefs
      • Mooring Fields
      • Coastal Structures (Boat Ramps, Revetments, Seawalls, Docks, Piers, Marinas)
      • Beach Restoration
      • Dredge and Fill
      • Dredges Material Management Areas
      • Dredge Material Offload
    • Submerged Lands Leases 
      • Docks
      • Marinas
      • Piers 
    • Private / Public Easements 
      • Channel Dredging
      • Turning Basins
      • Terminal Berths
      • Pipeline Corridors 
    • Public Workshops Preparation and Support
    • Beach Nourishment Construction Administration
    • Environmental Compliance
    • Water and Sediment Quality Section 404(b) Evaluations

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